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Professional Consulting Services for Trucking Companies

++ A professional trucking consultant provides clients with effective, innovative solutions and workable implementation strategies.  Project success is measured by bottom line results and the ability of the client company to operate at a significantly higher level of performance without continued consultant involvement. ++

Welcome to CostDown Consulting, the trucking industry’s foremost provider of performance management, driver retention and sustainability solutions.  If you are a trucking company owner or C-level executive looking to improve employee, fleet and bottom line performance, you are in the right place.  The following is an overview of our services:

Performance Management Programs

Imagine the financial impact if each of your operational metrics improved by just one-half of one percent. How much more would be added to your bottom line if key performance areas such as Driver Productivity, Laden Mile, Tons/Load, Revenue/Mile, MPG, Out-of-Route Miles and Cost/Mile all improved by just one-half of one percent? Now imagine the impact of one percent, three percent and even five percent improvements.

CostDown Consulting provides company-specific Performance Management Programs that improve employee and fleet performance thereby reducing costs and increasing profitability. 


CostDown Consulting is the industry expert on Driver Retention.  Don't be misled by 'single solution' driver retention providers.  Driver retention is a lot of work. Reducing turnover requires a consistent and aggressive whole-company approach towards building driver loyalty.

Our Driver Retention service begins with an analysis of your company’s current turnover trends, retention practices and driver employment offering.  We then develop a whole-company solution that includes industry best practices coupled with unique retention activities based on your company's operational structure and resource limitations.


CostDown Consulting manages the annual EPA SmartWay Fleet model filings for trucking and logistics companies.  In addition, we provide carbon audits and carbon offsets through our sister company GreenWay Miles.

We encourage you to learn more about our service offerings by visiting their specific web pages. We also encourage you to visit our Library for Trucking Executives that contains videos, webinars and PowerPoint presentations on topical critical issues of the trucking industry. 

Insight:  In a 5% net profit business, it takes $1,000 of Revenue to make $50 of Profit ($1,000 X 5% = $50).  However, eliminating $50 of Cost also increases Profit by $50.  Therefore, eliminating $50 of Cost has the same bottom line impact as adding $1,000 of Revenue.  Cost elimination is a powerful tool for increasing profitability.


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