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CostDown Consulting reduces the operating cost of trucking companies

Welcome to CostDown Consulting, the trucking industry’s premier provider of cost reduction solutions based on operations analysis, process change, performance management and training.  We analyze operations, identify opportunities and then provide the processes, programs and training that improve the ability of middle managers and executives to deliver bottom line results.

Our clients are trucking company owners and C-Level executives looking to reduce operating costs by improving performance in their critical success areas:  Driver Retention, Driver Productivity, Fleet Utilization, Revenue Optimization and Variable Cost Control. 

Our mission statement is: 'Analysis, Programs & Training that Reduce the Cost of Trucking'. It is also the approach we use to develop many of the cost reduction solutions for our clients. Here's how it works: 

Review of cost statements and performance reports, and on-site work observations and interviews with department heads, terminal managers and driver managers to define:

  • Critical cost areas and how they are currently being managed
  • Performance obstacles
  • Management knowledge, skill assessment and training needs
  • Current performance goals and goal-to-actual performance
  • Current truck driver goals, controls and performance
  • Cost reduction opportunities

Based on analysis results and our own industry experience, our programs provide:

  • Best practices for managing each critical success area
  • Obstacle identification and resolution assigned to appropriate company personnel
  • Performance Management Programs to support critical success areas that include:
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Performance Goals
    • Shared-Savings Financial Incentives

Knowledge and skill gaps identified by the analysis along with new program requirements are addressed through a training program that includes:

  • Best practices (SOPs) for making performance goals
  • Key financial concepts emphasizing variable cost control
  • Driver performance monitoring and retention
  • General cost control daily activities

Details of each of our service offerings can be accessed from the menu on the left.  Also, we invite you to visit our Library of Video, Webinar and PowerPoint Presentations where you will find valuable information on how to improve your trucking operations.

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