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SmartWay Partnership Management & Carbon Neutral Shipping

++ Reducing carbon emissions reduces fuel costs.  Registering with SmartWay and offering Carbon Neutral Shipping provides customers with sustainability options. ++

CostDown Consulting provides management of trucking and logistics companies' SmartWay Transport Partnerships.  Our service includes:
  • Explanation of annual filing requirements
  • Educating your employee(s) on collection of all required data
  • Filing your annual Fleet Model or Logistics Partner Tool
  • Representing your company with assigned SmartWay Account Manager
  • Keeping your SmartWay account compliant year after year
If you want to join SmartWay, or simply wish to have your SmartWay account managed by a company that understands the requirements and will keep you compliant, give us a call.

CostDown Consulting also offers additional sustainability services through our sister company GreenWay Miles.   These services include: 
  • Carbon Audits & Certification
  • Sustainability Plan Development
  • Carbon-Neutral Shipping Alternatives
  • Natural Gas Equivalent Shipping Alternatives 
View GreenWay Miles' free executive training video on Sustainability: What Trucking Company Executives Need to Know about Carbon Dioxide Emissions 

Regardless of your sustainability needs, CostDown Consulting has the solutions. 

Insight:  Trucking emits a lot of carbon dioxide gas (CO2).  The amount of CO2 gas emitted from driving one mile is enough to fill a 150 gallon fuel tank.  The amount of CO2 gas emitted from idling one hour would fill a standard sized day cab.  On average, a truck emits 123 metric tons of CO2 gas every year.

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