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Operations Planning Tool


Use this tool to help develop an Operations Improvement Plan.  It will forecast the profit impact on your company's bottom line of four key performance areas based on various levels of improvement over current performance levels.



Cost of Driver Turnover


To calculate the true cost of driver turnover, you need to include all cost influences: administrative costs, profit impact from loss of revenue, maintenance costs and productivity loss.  This calculator allows you to calculate the total cost of driver turnover in your company.



Driver Turnover Calculator


Understanding your Driver Turnover statistics is the first step towards improving retention.  This tool lets you calculate Turnover by Profile so that you can design solutions based on Driver Tenure.


Effective Driver Count Calculator


Driver Turnover impacts the productivity of your workforce.  On average, carriers lose 90 productive workdays for every driver they have to replace.  This calculator allows you to calculate the size of your Effective Driver Force based on current and target turnover rates.




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