How much more would be added to your bottom line if key performance areas such as Driver Productivity, Laden Mile, Tons/Load, Revenue/Mile, MPG and Cost/Mile all improved by just one-half of one percent? Now imagine the impact of one percent, three percent and even five percent improvements.

Improve Terminal Manager and Driver Manager Performance

The managers that directly control your drivers and your fleet make literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of decisions daily that define your company's variable cost and profitability performance. Examples include load assignments, home time, driver productivity, deadheading, monitoring out-of-route miles, idling and in-network fueling management, secondary market load selection, breakdown resolution, PM scheduling, detention claims, etc.

Our Manager Performance Management Program analyzes and improves performance in each of these cost areas through:


  • Work observations and interviews with each manager to analyze how they currently manage load, driver and fleet performance
  • Assessment of management group understanding of variable cost concepts and their ability to influence and control variable costs
  • Identification of performance obstacles for both the managers and their drivers
  • Review of policy, monitoring practices and historical driver/fleet performance
  • Development of a Performance Management Program that includes:
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Performance Goals
  • Bonus Programs to motivate higher effort and performance levels
  • Best Practices development to guide daily manager decision making
  • Resource Needs identification and Policy Revisions as needed
  • Manager training on variable cost control and driver productivity


CostDown Consulting’s Performance Management Program for Managers elevates Terminal Manager, Driver Manager and Load Planner skills, awareness and analytical ability; providing the tools needed to reduce variable costs and improve performance of assigned drivers and fleet.

Insight:  Most Terminal Managers and Driver Managers do not know their variable cost per mile.   That means they make decisions such as deadheading and secondary market load selection without understanding the cost, profit or loss associated with those decisions.


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