How much more would be added to your bottom line if key performance areas such as Driver Productivity, Laden Mile, Tons/Load, Revenue/Mile, MPG and Cost/Mile all improved by just one-half of one percent? Now imagine the impact of one percent, three percent and even five percent improvements.


Improve Truck Driver Performance

Truck driver performance has two components:

1.  Productivity

2.  Variable Cost Control (Idling, Out-of-Route Miles, In-Network Fueling, etc...)

CostDown Consulting's Driver Performance Management Program* focuses on both components and includes:


  • 'How to Maximize Wages or Truck Pay' driver orientation training
  • 'Cost Control Expectations' driver orientation training
  • New driver truck assignment and dispatch procedures that boost first 30-day earnings
  • Analysis of current driver performance goals and actual performance-to-goals
  • Development of more effective driver performance goals where appropriate
  • Pay-for-performance and recognition programs that reward driver productivity and variable cost control
  • Alignment of Driver Manager goals to those of the drivers they manage
  • Network analysis to identify and resolve driver productivity and variable cost obstacles


A truck driver, like any other employee, needs strong motivation to consistently practice all of the daily activities required to improve bottom line results.  CostDown Consulting's Driver Performance Management Program provides the motivation and best activities required to make your drivers top performers.


*Note:  Truck driver performance cannot be improved without first improving the performance of the terminal managers and driver managers that control those drivers. Our Driver Performance Management Program is based on the prerequisite that middle managers receive the necessary tools, training and incentives to influence driver performance improvements.

Insight:  Often retention-challenged trucking companies keep underperforming drivers based on 'half a driver is better than no driver' logic. Allowing poor performance encourages other drivers to lower their productivity; negatively impacting variable costs and customer service.

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